As the only agents of some most well-known manufacturer which highest quality products, TFS provides supported by service centers across the world, we can provide OEM parts to meet your outage or turnaround requirements. With portable workshops, we can set up on site to ensure outage or refinery turnarounds are safely managed to time and cost.

Our field service technicians can also support service and repair on any installed valves and they are regularly asked to replace, upgrade or repair competitor’s valves due to performance or reliability issues. We have a team able to engineer upgrades or replacements to meet your existing installation and configuration. This is critical for major refinery projects, where existing infrastructure to support the valves must be used. With its proven experience in these areas, we are an excellent source of problem-solving as a consultant for engineering, retrofitting and repair work for any type of valve installed in FCC Units and Expander Power Recovery Units. This capability allows the replacement of the internals, along with the modification of the valve inside geometry, without removing the valve from the line.