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Hydraulic Valve Panel (HVP)


Product Description

Hydraulic powered actuator control

The Hydraulic Valve Panel (HVP) is designed to control up to four hydraulic powered actuators (HPA); two modulating actuators and two open/close actuators. The HVP can work with an inlet pressure of up to 220, though typically the working pressure of IMI CCI’s actuation system is 120-140 bar. In addition to the modulating functions, HVPs are normally equipped with fail safe functions, with a choice between open, close and stay-put. An Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) comes fully installed on the HVP as standard.

  • Modular valve block – The valve block structure is a stackable modular system without internal tubing and fittings. The base module, fixed to the base plate, always contains an isolating ball valve on the inlet pressure side and a check valve on the return side. Flushing connections at pump and tank line are available in the base module configuration. This module is always a modulating type. All manifolds are available in two sizes and can be mounted independently of each other.
  • Optimised proportional valves – The flow characteristic of the proportional directional valves is optimised for controlling IMI CCI valves, enabling excellent position accuracy and high flow velocities with low internal leakage. This allows for a smooth operation during quick open/close, resulting in less wear on mechanical parts.
  • Fail functions – The valve block can be configured so that in the case of a power failure, the actuators can execute a predetermined action, that is either open, close or stay put.
  • Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) – The Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) is a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller that can regulate two independent modulating cylinders. The system is designed to work with steam and water valves in steam bypass applications. The IPS is continuously monitoring the actual position of the cylinder and makes adjustments whenever necessary. The behaviours of these adjustments are governed by the PID parameters that can be set via the computer-based Service Tool.
  • One-click calibration – IPS is designed to work with position feedback signals between 4 to 20 mA. Inside the IPS cabinet there are two automatic calibration buttons that can scale the feedback signals to match the stroke lengths of the valves, without the need for a connected computer.
  • Surface protection – As standard, carbon steel parts such as frame, roof and oil tray are painted with corrosion protection for coastal environments with optional coating suitable for seawater areas with high salinity.
  • Flexible design – The HVP design can be fitted with sun roof, be wall mounted or stand on the floor.


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