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CCI’s DRAG® disk stack controls flowing velocities throughout valve trim by forcing the process fluid to follow a tortuous spq1.pngpath of right angle turns. The resistance to flow provided by these turns (or stages) limits the trim exit

velocity to a safe level, regardless of the pressure drop. The DRAG® technology eliminates problems resulting from excessive fluid velocities such as trim and body erosion, noise, vibration and poor process control. The fluid velocities within the trim of CCI choke are typically 1/3 to 1/4 that of conventional single stage chokes. Velocity control protects the trim from erosion and increases the trim life many fold.



CCI Wellhead Production Choke Valve


spq3.pngWith these wellheads that  have high pressure, aggressive fluids with entrained sand & other solid particles, a conventional single stage choke valve is not suitable for this kind of severe service. CCI Choke Valve has responded to this need by using a combination of proven DRAG® velocity control technology and the best grades of tungsten carbide material to provide long trim life and precise process control.


Other applications are water and gas injection valve Gas/oil separator valves, Emergency steam vents, Gas to flare, Emergency depressurizing valves, Cavitation/flashing service, Wellhead pressure control,…


CCI DRAG Compressor Recycle Anti-surge Valve


spq2.pngFor turbo-compressors, the consequences of surge are severe. It can damage equipment, disrupt or trip a process, and in catastrophic incidents, may result in the complete destruction of the compressor rotor.


The optimum solution for safety and reliability, CCI’s compressor recycle and anti-surge valve combines premium DRAG® flow control technology to provide low noise & exceptional reliability with reliable fast stroking actuation which provides one second stroking times, fast and accurate control, simple & reliable operation.

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